Benefits for Ngo's


  • With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) being made mandatory in the form of Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013, corporates have now begun to recognise CSR as a core activity, and are looking to find innovative ways to effectively utilise their CSR fund. This has brought to the fore the role that NGOs and other implementing agencies can jointly play along with corporates in order to achieve what is known as collective impact.
  • The Non Governmental Organisations existing within the industrial location and closer to the community can better act as moderators and facilitators in the realization of their social need and better environmental protection.
  • Firstly, the importance of collective impact has been made clear in the legislation itself, which calls for and encourages companies to utilise the expertise of non-profits with a credible work record of three years or more. An NGO’s interventions can be spread to geographies that a corporate has its presence in, while also being complemented by the corporate’s wherewithal, and as such the impact of the programme can be more widespread.
  • CSR gateway is the platform where NGOs can register themselves, post their projects, get their organisations accredited, can get connected with corporate etc...NGOs can send the service request to avail the benefits of the gateway.