Services that CII CSR Gateway looks forward to offer to our registered Corporate, Corporate Foundations, Non Governmental Organizations, Social enterprises and all related CSR Stake Holders.
The list of services are as follows


NGO’s & Social Enterprises

  • Organization Accreditation
  • Organization Development
  • Project/Grant/Partner Management
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Financial Audit
  • Drafting and designing CSO collaterals, e.g. brochures, newsletters, etc

Corporate & Corporate Foundation

  • CSR Policy Development
  • CSR Reporting
  • Project monitoring and Evaluation
  • Conducting stakeholder assessment for CSR Strategy
  • Prefunding project assessment and NGO due diligence
  • Value Chain Analysis, Issue /Situation Analysis, Community Need Assessment
  • Accreditation of NGO’s/Corporate Foundations
  • Availing CSR program strategy and project designing support
  • Project/Grant Management, Partner Management Outsourcing
  • Impact Assessment of CSR Programs through the CIICSR Gateway

The CII CSR Gateway would provide

An array of prepositioned, cost effective and impactful projects organized/designed and vetted by our program experts or network partners.
The platform will serve as repository of

  • NGO projects
  • Corporate and corporate foundation projects (collaborative projects with other businesses)
  • Government projects (collaborative projects with government departments)
  • Flagship projects of CII CSR Gateway
  • Clustered projects (based on geographical spread and themes) derived from projects readily available with online aggregators

With nil or minimum administrative cost, a business will be able to select –from the repository - the project/s of their own interest and relevance, and generate project monitoring reports, periodic financial and programmatic reports to measure the outputs and outcomes of their investments

All the listed projects would have gone through a preliminary assessment of NGOs and projects. However more intensive on demand accreditation of NGOs will also be provided for the listed projects as well as for any other identified initiative.

  • A series of low cost online master classes those that CSR professionals can attend at their convenient time and locations
  • Offline workshop, seminars, exposure/ cross visits and social immersion program

Access to a diverse network of NGOs and Social Enterprises to reachout to the community, grassroots level innovations and to develop partnership in implementing CSR Programmes

Help develop the knowledge of the businesses by providing

  • Operational template for planning, monitoring, strategy development, policy formulation, reporting, partnership management, employee engagement etc
  • Research publications, case studies, policy framework, relevant news articles, etc
  • An online interactive and collaborative portal that enable businesses to network and engage with each other, as well as with NGOs, individuals, researchers, and other stakeholders
  • Among other things, it would allow businesses to Understand area-specific social issues, community needs and programs, share experiences regarding NGOs and rate them, identify NGOs for implementing CSR and employee engagement programs
  • A common and open platform that provide businesses real time engagement with disaster management
  • It enable business and government to connect and collaborate with grassroots level CSOs to help communities to manage disasters and reduce vulnerabilities
  • Connects corporate bodies to wide range of volunteering engagements
  • Track, monitor and report on the impact made by employees of different companies

Beside the templated/pre-packaged options, for the members requiring more intensive and hands-on support, the platform will be provided with access to a plethora of offline services ranging from end-to-end project management support to partnership development/management, incubation support, governance, institution building and capacity building support. Businesses would be able to engage with the enlisted Technical and Intermediary Partenrs to mobilize appropriate supports in strengthening their CSR Programmes.

  • Member organization to contact CSR exchange via an online enquiry for specific needs
  • Consultation with the member organization for problem identification and recommendation of appropriate service options
  • Broad support segments are
    • Governance ( Policy, Structure)
    • Institution Building (Foundation or CSR team/department)
    • Capacity Building (CSR team, Partners)
    • Program Management (support all through the program management cycle)
    • Partnership Development/ Management
      • Development of partnership strategy
      • Identification of suitable partner organization
      • Due diligence and selection of partner organization
      • Partnership development
    • Partnership evaluation
    • Incubation Support
      • Ideation
      • Mentoring
      • Development of sustainable business plan
      • Program design
      • Establishing monitoring mechanism
      • Partnership development